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The profile of Mingde College
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     The profile of Mingde College

      As a full-time comprehensive independent set of undergraduate  institutions, Mingde College of Guizhou University was found in June 2001 and held by Guizhou University ( a key University of the first batch of the National 211 Project)  which is approved by people's Government of the Guizhou Province and confirmed by the Ministry of Education. In order to realize the integration of industry and teaching and learning, and to achieve the goal of the cooperation between Mingde Colledge and enterprises, Guizhou university and Tellhow Sci-Tech co., LTD signed an agreement on running Mingde College of Guizhou University jontly in September 2013.

By 2018, Mingde College of Guizhou University has 430 employees and more than 320 employees are full-time teachers. Among these full-time teachers, 3 are Doctors(0.9%), 168 are Masters(41.11%), 149 are Bachelors (46.56%) and 2 are Ph.D candidates.Teachers (included 50 counselors) with Master’s degree and above account for 53.43% of the full-time teachers. At the same time, there are 19 professors(5.93%), 102 teachers with senior professional titles(31.87%), 135 with intermediate-level professional titles(42.18%) and 25 teaching assistants(7.81%).

According to the guiding principle “to strengthen the ability of teachers and important subjects; to run the college scientifically and to   promote the value of the college”, Mingde college deepens teaching reforms and innovates management mode unceasingly, improves teaching quality and pursues its characteristics, optimizes its management and service. By now, it has not developed into a discipline and professional system focusing on engineering majors, economics, management and literature and other multi-disciplines but also cultivated talents in technique fields, all of which possess a intense moral fibre, good faith to be responsible, superior hands-on ability, great comprehensive Assessment and the capacity of mastering science for the country, a strong ability to acquire knowledge and to think individually.

Relying on the discipline foundation of Guizhou University and according to the needs of local economic construction and social developmentthe college has set up seven teaching departments, 34 undergraduate and professional subjects, including 17 engineering and professional subjects,such as Department of Economics, Management Engineering Department, Civil Engineering Department, electrical Engineering Department, Information Engineering Department, Health Management Department and Media Department,and has constituted computer science and technology, communication engineering, electronic information engineering, digital media art, digital media technology, environmental engineering, biological engineering, civil engineering, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, architecture, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, electrical enginering and its automation, accounting, marketing, financial management, project management, business management, administration and English.

Witnessing many years of practice and exploration,on the one hand,the institute adheres to the eight-character motto : "the bright and the virtuous,the earnest study is sincere",and regards“recruiting better,teaching better,cultivating better students, getting better jobs”as the main tenor of running the college under the requirement of national independent college education.On the other hand,circling about the big data,big culture and big health and advanced manufacturing for talent training oriented pattern,we are devoted all efforts to make the college  the demonstrative Independent Colleges with a certain degree of influence in Guizhou Province,even all over the world.

In may 2014,Mingde college of Guizhou university began to build the new campus in Huaxi university town.The new campus covers an area of 955mu,with a total construction area of 560,000 square meters(including350,000square meters campus and 210,000square meters research and development area),and the investment is nearly 1 billion yuan by now.

The new campus of the college has 6 comprehensive teaching buildings(91 classrooms available) A, B, C, D, E and F which cover 57525 square meters. Student dormitories(2513 rooms available) cover 114674 square meters. It can accommodate 1,0052 students. The canteen 1 covers 7176 square meters and the canteen 2 17152 square meters. The laboratory building A has the area of 18000 square meters; Sports venues such as stadiums and football fields, tennis courts, volleyball courts and basketball courts have been finished; The building area of the library (phase I) is 16,000 square meters.

Yangming Academy is in progress; Dormitories Block4 and Block 5 of Eastern regiment  have been completed by 50. Yangming Lake   and its surrounding landscape projects have been completed and used.

Plan to build:Two high-rise apartments(talent apartment and international students apartment), Academic exchange center;Museum of ArtStudioScience MuseumMingDe Center(including a city hotel Block A , Administrative office building Concert hall and Theater  Block B ); GymnasiumSwimming pool and Tennis hall.

Now the first stage of our new school construction project was basically completed . The second -stage construction has been carried out.The students who were admitted into our college have moved to the new campus. Mingde college , with excellent environment and advanced facilities, is already an independent newly-system undergraduate  college .



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