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The Department of Information

The Department of Information in Mingde College of Guizhou University have   four majors, which are Computer Science and Technology, Communication Engineering, Electronic Information Engineering and Network Engineering . The Total number of undergraduate students who are relying on the parent school is 883.  My department has 25 full-time, innovative and practical teaching  teachers, which consists of 1 professor, 8 associate professors and 16 lecturers. The teaching structure is reasonable, professionals are diversified, and teacher team is stable.


 The Department of Information now is equipped with computer science laboratory, information security laboratory, exchanged technology and network laboratory, communication principle laboratory and embedded system laboratory. The laboratory area covers about 1500 square meters, and the instrument equipment is more than 930 pieces, and the total value is about 6 million yuan. These devices offer a practical teaching environment to our students, which is highly consistent with practical application., so our students can better learn and receive systematic practical training in real application environment. At the same time, we also have two campus teaching practice bases, which provide workshops for each major and solve some students' employment problems.


The students majored in Computer Science and Technology System mainly study the basic theories of computer science and technology and the basic knowledge, students can learn basic knowledge of data and be trained with the outdated data at the same time, at last they have the ability to research and exploit the computer system.


The students majored in Communication Engineering mainly study the basic theory of communication technology, communication system, the basic knowledge of communication network and network principle, students can design method of communication engineering and practice the basic training, and are engaged in modern communication systems and network design, development, test and engineering application of basic skills.


The students majored in Electronic Information Engineering mainly master the theory of modern electronic technology. They will familiar with design principles of electronic system , design methods of the electronic technology and automatic control. Students will applied talents in the field of electronics, information and communication.


The Students majored in Network Engineering learn theory and designed principle of the computer network, computer communication and network security theory. Students have been cultivated network engineering practice of basic training, so they have the ability to develop the computer network layout, form the management and maintenance, at last students are engaged in network security detection and application deployment, and applied their talents of network programming ability to their future jobs.


In recent years, my majors of the department have closed to every industrial development. With the development of applied undergraduate talents concept , my production research is combined with the road of the professional construction and the curriculum reform of the educational reform, our majors continuously have explored in practice, finally we have accumulated certain experience to form our own characteristics. My emphasis is on employment-oriented and competence-oriented concept. We constantly update teaching content and focus on the school-enterprise cooperation, we also pay attention to students' practical talents for cultivation. My department's full-time teachers have fully taken part in every teaching reform, with efforts to improve the quality of teaching. My goal is to train the high quality of applied undergraduate talents for the society.





Brief introduction of principals and important teachers.


1. Dean: Jiang Qifeng. lecturer, master, majored in computer and application.

Research field: manufacturing information, system integration, data application.

I became a teacher in Guizhou university in 2001. I have undertaken the teaching work of several specialized courses, such as database principles and applications, WEB system development and software engineering.


2. Director of computer science and technology teaching and research office:

Zhu Zhongzhong. master. I have received a master's degree in computer application technology in 2008. I have taught the undergraduate courses such as discrete mathematics, SCM technology, computer information management foundation, database principle and application, advanced programming language (VB), university computer foundation.


3. Director of communication engineering teaching and research office:

Zhang Yongdan. master. I graduated from Guizhou university in 2007, I specialize in computer science and technology.Up to now, I have taught in Minde college of Guizhou University in September. My main teaching course are "Management Information System", "3 g technology,  Computer Information Management Basis," Computer Basis"


4. Director of network engineering teaching and research office: Lei Lizong.


5. Director of teaching and research office of electronic information engineering:

Zhang Zhi. master, associate professor. I graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology in 2001 with a bachelor's degree and graduated from guizhou university in 2012 with a master's degree.I have been engaged in the work of education undergraduates in 2001. In recent years, I have conducted 1 research project of the college level, participated in 2 provincial scientific research projects, edited 2 textbooks and published 6 papers.


6 Important teacher: Wang Jiayu


I have rich experience in computer system integration design and implementation, proficient in the planning and deployment of computer network routing, exchange and security technology. The theory and practice in teaching have unique insight and realization method.




Network Engineering Program

(program code: 080613)

1.          Program training objectives:

Students will develop morally, intellectually, physically and they should have the good scientific literacy and solid professionalism in computer. Besides, students also should be able to grasp the basic theory and experiment skill of computer hardware as well as software, and can easily apply the theory into practice. Graduates can be employed in the enterprises or organizations involve in designing, developing, operating and managing the computer network system.

2.          Program training requirements:

Students should: master he basic theory and primary knowledge of computer hardware as well as software, familiar with the settings and usage of network devices frequently used, learn about the principle and application of network protocol, grasp the technologies, tools and methods of network integration, network application and network security.


Graduates should have the knowledge and the ability as following:

1)          Loving socialist home country, having the knowledge of humanity and social science, well moral cultivation and cultural literacy, having healthy body and sound personality.

2)          Mastering the basic theory, knowledge and skills of this program.

3)          Mastering the theory, methods and techniques of planning, designing, implementing and managing in the computer network system.

4)          Having a good ability to communicate, work in groups and design and manage the projects.

5)          Having the independent learning competence as well as the innovative ability.

6)          Mastering a foreign language and can understand the relevant materials


3.          The subjects of this program:

1)          Subject category: Engineering

2)          Program category: Electrical information

4.          Main courses:

C language program design, discrete mathematics, data structure, computer composition principle and operating system, computer network, database principle and application, computer network engineering, network security technology, network program design, computer network management, LAN technology and networking engineering, network database application and development, etc.

5.          Practicing teaching units:

Military training, cognition practice, social practice, database system course design, computer network course design, network wiring construction course design, production practice and graduation design.

Study duration:4 years full-time, up to 6 years.



Electronic Information Engineering

Subject category: Science and technology

Program training objectives:

Students will be focused on the training of the basic knowledge and ability of electronic information technology, learning the basic ability to assemble, debug and design electronic products, having the ability to install, debug, maintain and apply the general electronic equipment, and can install, debug, maintain and maintain the office automation equipment, and have communication equipment and electronics. Besides, graduates should master the knowledge of read, install, debug and maintain on the communicative devices and electronics circuit diagram.


Main courses:

Higher mathematics, English, circuit analysis, the foundation of electronic technology, C language, VB program design, electronic CAD, high frequency electronic technology, signal and system, electronic measurement technology, communication technology, automatic detection technology, network and office automation technology, multimedia technology, single-chip technology, electronic system design technology, electronics, electronics design automation technology (EDA), digital signal processing (DSP) technology and other courses.



The graduates of electronic information engineering can engage in the design, production, management and development of electronic products in the related enterprises of electronic information. Mainly for electronic information products manufacturing, software industry and integrated circuits and other industries, new communications services such as data communications, multimedia, Internet, telephone information services, mobile phone SMS; culture and technology industry; interactive media industry.


Study duration: 4 years full time          Degree: Bachelor of Engineering




Telecommunication Engineering

Subject category: Science and technology

Program training objectives:

Students should have a solid foundation, and can solve for kinds of problems, have strong engineering ability and good quality, they can adapt to the development of modern communication technology and network technology. Graduates can work in studying, planning, developing and designing, engineering implementing, devices producing, teaching, operate maintaining, technology managing and marketing in the fields of telecommunication network, mobile communication, computer network communication research.

Main courses:

The courses of circuit theory and application, the series courses of computer technology, signal and system, digital signal processing, modern communication principle, electromagnetic field and microwave technology, microcomputer principle and interface technology, MCU technology, information theory and coding, modern switching principle and communication network technology, computer network, optical fiber communication, Mobile communication, spread spectrum communication, 3G technology, DSP technology and application, embedded communication system development, communication simulation and application, etc.



Graduates can be widely employed in the fields of communication theory, communication system, communication equipment, computer application and information engineering. Mainly in the enterprises of communication equipment manufacturing, communication system operation and communication engineering construction or employed in network companies, universities, government organs, institutions and scientific research institutions to engage in research, planning, development and design, engineering implementation, equipment manufacturing, teaching, operation and maintenance, technology management and marketing.


 Study duration:4 years full time          Degree: Bachelor of Engineering




Computer science and technology

Subject category: Science and technology

Program training objectives:

Graduates are supposed to adapt to the needs of socialist modernization drive, and are fostered the comprehensive development of the moral and intellectual bodies, with a solid foundation, wide knowledge, strong ability and high quality, a good scientific literacy. And they will master the basic theory, knowledge, skills and methods of computer science and technology systematically and comprehensively. Besides, they are able to solve the professional problems by comprehensively apply the theory of computer software and hardware technology to develop integrated development. Graduates will have the spirit of innovation and teamwork, and can engage in the department of researching, teaching, enterprise, technology and administration or work in the area of computer teaching, scientific researching and applied computer science and technology.

Main courses:

Advanced language program design, discrete mathematics, data structure, computer network, operating system, computer composition principle, database principle and application, network program design, software engineering, computer system organization, microcomputer principle and interface technology, single chip technology and so on.


In the research department, the educational unit, the computer company, the technology and the administrative department to carry out the development and maintenance of the computer system, the software programming, the planning and configuration of the network, the construction and management of the website, the use and maintenance of various kinds of software systems, the marketing of the computer products, the technical service, the teaching and administration and so on.


Study duration:4 years full time          Degree: Bachelor of Engineering







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