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The College of MingDe of Guizhou University is an important base for the teaching and scientific research of economics in Guizhou Province, with a diverse and first-class teaching faculty.

The College consists of are 5 departments: Economics, Finance, International Trade, Accounting, and Electronic Business. They carry out 8 undergraduate programs in Economics, Finance, International Economics and Trade, public Finance,Statistics,Administrative Management,public events Management and Labor & social Security, and a number of programs oriented to adult groups: Finance, Financial Management, Accounting, International Trade, and Enterprise Management. The College also has 2 postgraduate programs in Political Economics and Forestry Economic Management, and one specialized Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. Besides, it runs the postgraduate program of Master of Public Administration (MPA) jointly with Zhejiang University. The College has the following research institutes: Institute of Economics, Institute of Finance, Institute of International Economics, Institute of Electronic Business, and Institute of Applied Statistics and Accounting.

At present, the College has more than 1979 undergraduates, postgraduates and students receiving adult education. The College employs 119 staff members, 97 of whom are full-time teachers, 13 of whom are full professors, and 33 of whom are associate professors. They have scored a great number of high-quality achievements in scientific research with great significance, making important contributions to the economic development and talented personnel cultivation in Guizhou.

Attaching great importance to international exchange and cooperation, the College has established academic and cooperative relationships with a number of famous universities, research institutions, enterprises and public institutions at home and abroad.

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