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Electrical Engineering Department


The Electrical Engineering Department gains a strong support from  Guizhou University, one of the state 211 Project universities enjoying privileged construction in the Five-Year Plan period. By following the school-running idea of “study applied, major specialized and ability-oriented ”, the department aims to educate students not only acquire professional theoretical knowledge based on machine, electricity and information control, but also gain the skill of digital information design and manufacturing. The major goals are to cultivate innovative people with practical talent to meet current social demands.

My department has majors of automation (artificial intelligence), electrical engineering and automation, mechanical design, manufacturing and automation engineering (robot) and mechanical design manufacturing and automation (mechanical manufacturing engineering), so far, we have cultivated more than 3000 outstanding graduates, who are ranging from decision makers to various positions of producing in the first line . These students have became the indispensable backbone of local construction in Guizhou province.

    After 10 years of teaching practice and exploration, the employment of students is my school mission, we always adhere to senior applied talents training mode , which is educating good students and creating high employment . we have actively responded to the development strategy of "Made in China 2025" manufacturing power planning and speed up the transformation and promoted advanced manufacturing industry and improved efficiency of major strategic task and major policy initiatives. The department of electrical engineering followed the era pace, on the basis of optimizing professional training plan, which is artificial intelligence and advanced manufacturing industry". My goal is to build China's first-class applied university, under the guidance of optimizing the configuration of subjects. So we can have the distinct characteristics, which are the practice teaching system construction and the self-construction. Now we have cooperated with The Second Group of China Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. and water conservancy and hydropower project in Gezhouba engineering group co., Led. We have signed the agreement with Wujiang river power plant . We will cooperate to run schools. These companies and power plant will become the internship practice teaching base of the students of our department. At the same time, we have organized a variety of activities to organize students to participate in the national drawing contest, the biennial national hui fish competition, student debate contest and so on.

    The department has a current total number of 30 teachers , all with a Master’s degree and higher, among which, 10 are professors and 7 are Doctor’s degree.


Introduction of majors

Automation  (Artificial intelligence direction)

Training ObjectivesIt is a comprehensive technical disciplines that use automatic control theory and computer technology to simulate thinking processes and intelligent behaviors (such as learning, reasoning, thinking, planning). This major trains advanced artificial intelligence engineers with the ability of intelligent control, robotics, genetic programming robot factories, automatic programming, machine translation, information processing, storage and management.

Main CurriculaArtificial Intelligence Technology and Method, Neural Networks and Machine Learning, Genetic Algorithms and Applications, Machine Learning Technology, Computational Intelligence, Principles and Applications of Microcomputers, Principles and Applications of Microcontrollers, Sensors and Detection Technology, Programmable Logic Controllers ( PLC), Computer Control Technology, C++ and MATLAB.

Employment directionIntelligent robots, modern smart homes, aerospace, hardware and software development, Internet search, new energy control and driverless cars, etc.

Study duration: It’s a 4 years program and students can prolong another two years for Bachelor’s degree.



Electrical Engineering and Automation

IntroductionIt mainly studies power electronics technology, computer technology, motor and electrical technology, relay protection technology and many other fields.

Training objective: It aims to educate talents who have basic knowledge of electrical control and basic ability to solve electrical analysis and control problems. Graduates can apply advanced technical talents in power system analysis, design, operation, and development.

Main CurriculaCircuit PrincipleMicrocomputer Theory and ApplicationSingle Chip Principle and ApplicationDigital Signal Processing, Electromechanics, Power Electronics, Sensors and Measurement Technology, Programmable Logic ControllerPLC, Automatic Control Principle, Electrical Power Plant , relaying principle, power system automation.

Employment direction electrical equipment research and development, system installation, system operation, automatic control, and electronic and computer technology applications. It can also be engaged in teaching and research work in universities and research institutes.

Study duration: It’s a 4 years program and students can prolong another two years for Bachelor’s degree.


Machine Design Manufacture and Automation(Robot Engineering)

IntroductionOn the basis of robotics, Robot Engineering includes robot mechanical structure, motion control, programmable control, microprocessor application, robot control technology and system integration and programming application. 

Training objective: It aims to cultivate advanced engineering technology and application-oriented talents engaged in system installation,operation and technology management.

Main Curricula: Electrical control, motion control, mechanical manufacturing basics, robot mechanics and structure, robotic mechanical systems, robot control technology, robot vision and sensor technology, industrial robot application and programming, field bus technology and application and artificial intelligence, etc.

Employment direction: Electronic mechanical equipment manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, mechanical processing industry and electronic manufacture.

Study duration: It’s a 4 years program and students can prolong another two years for Bachelor’s degree.


Machine Design Manufacture and Automation (Mechanical manufacturing direction)

Introduction: The major is a interdisciplinary which is based on training mechanical design and manufacturing. It also integrates computer science, information technology and automatic control technology.

Training Objective: Students who have strong practical ability and innovative spirit in design, scientific research methods, applied research, operation and sales management.

Main Curricula: Theoretical Mechanics, Material Mechanics, Mechanical Drawing, Mechanical Principle, Mechanical Design, Mechanical Engineering Control Basic, Mechanical Manufacturing Basis, Microelectronics, Numerical Control Program Technology, 3d Digital Technology and Artificial Intelligence.

Employment direction: Students can hunt jobs in the field of design manufacturing, technology development, operation research and management, production management.

Study duration: It’s a 4 years program and students can prolong another two years for Bachelor’s degree.


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