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Chemical Engineering

The College of Chemical Engineering of Guizhou University offers 5 undergraduate programs (Chemical Engineering and Technology, Inorganic Non-metal Material Engineering, Engineering for Process Equipment and Control, Bioengineering, and Food Science and Engineering) and 4 officially authorized departments to confer master’s degree (Chemical Technology, Fermentation Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Food Science and Engineering). “Chemical Technology” has been established as a key specialty at the university level.

The college is staffed by 109 faculty members, with 15 professors and 23 associate professors. Six teachers have studied in foreign countries such as Germany, Britain, America and Canada. The present enrollment includes more than 197 postgraduates and 1318 undergraduates.
Focusing on the cultivation of a qualified teaching and academic staff, the College has strengthened its academic construction by offering advanced research opportunities. There is now a disciplinary group with the following modules as the main part: Chemical Technology and Pharmacy, Bioengineering, Environmental Engineering and Material Science. A high-quality academic team has been formed with Professor Wang Jingkang (an academician from the Chinese Academy of Engineering) as the specially employed chief professor, and some other professors and associate professors as the core members. In addition, there is a multi-level educational system integrating undergraduate education (the main body) and postgraduate education.

For many years, emphasis has been laid on extending interdisciplinary study and there have gradually been some stable research orientations such as Chemical Technology Process and Isolation Techniques, Oil Fine Chemistry and Separation Engineering, Extraction and Separation of Chemicals from Natural Medical Plants, Chemical Modification and Fine Chemistry of Natural High Molecular Compounds, Tobacco Chemistry and Engineering, Membrane Separation Technique and Application, Pharmaceutical Engineering and Biological- Pharmaceutical Technology, Fermentation Technique Optimization and Purification of Separated Fermented Products, Enzyme Engineering and Application of Biotechnology in Food Industry, High-Performance Inorganic Material and Recycling of Industrial Wastes.

In recent years, the College has undertaken nearly 20 state-fund projects and projects at the provincial or ministry level, with the total fund being over 5 million RMB. More than 160 research papers have been published.

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