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Civil Engineering

The College of Civil Engineering and Building Construction of Guizhou University offers 9 undergraduate programs: Construction Engineering, Engineering for Water Conservancy and Hydroelectric Power, Traffic Engineering, Water Supply and Sewerage Works, Foundation and Geotechnical Engineering, Architecture, Town Planning, Scenery and Landscape Planning,Bridge and Tunnel Engineering. In addition, there are 4 departments officially authorized by the State Educational Ministry to confer master’s degrees, namely, Structural Engineering, Engineering for Hydraulic Structure, Geotechnical Engineering, and Solid Mechanics.

The College has the greatest number of students and programs in Guizhou University with a total enrollment of over 1,892 undergraduates and 133 post-graduates. Of the present 187 staff members, there are 11 professors, 44 associate professors, and 77 lecturers.

There is a general office, 12 teaching and research institutes and 1 experimental center in the College. Structural Engineering is a provincial key specialty and the Laboratory of Structural Engineering a provincial key lab. Since 1989, there has been a project awarded the Third Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress at the National Level, 2 projects awarded the First Prize at the Provincial Level and 10 projects awarded the Third or Fourth prize at the Ministerial or Provincial level. The College has also won 13 awards for Excellent Teaching at the Provincial or University Level. More than 300 papers and 16 treatises have been published. Currently, more than 20 Scientific Fund Projects at the national, provincial or university level are in progress.

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