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The College of Guizhou University has the following undergraduate programs: Management of Human Resources, Industrial and Commercial Management, Tourism Management, Forestry Economic Management, Engineering Management, Administrative Management, Public Service Management, Labor and Social Security and Librarianship. The College also offers 5 Master’s programs in Agricultural Economic Management, Forestry Economic Management, Enterprise Management, Administrative Management and Social Security, and 1 specialized Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. The College has 1 provincial key disciplinary area (Agricultural and Forestry Economic Management), and 4 research institutions at university level, namely, Institute of Regional Economy, Research Center of Modern Management, Research Center of Public Polices and Research Center of the Development of Less-developed Areas. In 2004, the College undertook 5 research projects at the State level, 21 at the province-/ministry-level and 8 lateral ones, with a funding of 3.7 million RMB for research.

Presently, the College has an enrolment of 2,890 undergraduates and 551 postgraduates (of whom 425 are MBA students). The full-time teaching staff number 107, of whom 15 are full professors and 28 associate professors.

The College provides programs of education in a full range of disciplines with a rational structure at different levels. The College hopes to be authorized to confer PhD degree before 2006. Meanwhile, it will strive to promote the development of MA study on specialized subjects, trying to be qualified in operation and enrolment of MPA while quickening the development of the MBA program. At present, the application for being authorized to confer MPA degree has been assessed by the State Council Academic Degree Appraisal Committee.

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