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MingDe College, Guizhou University in June 2001 is the People's Government of Guizhou Province, Guizhou University, held a comprehensive independent college undergraduate.Middlebury College is located in Guiyang City, tea shops, an area of ​​155.32 acres, teaching, administrative building area 90,532 square meters, construction area of ​​7050 m2 library, collection of 24 million books, teaching equipment worth more than 1,000 yuan. Campus academic buildings, laboratories, library, computer center, language lab, students activity center, stadium, swimming pool, student housing, canteens and other teaching and living facilities, fully furnished.
    Guizhou University School of relying on the mother's discipline-based, flexible mechanism, give full play to the characteristics of college teaching is the establishment of six lines, a basic teaching of the Ministry, namely, computer science and information systems, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Department of Economics, Management EngineeringDepartment of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department and basic education, in a professional setting to the local social and economic development of application-oriented professional qualified personnel needed for the main, the existing civil engineering, mechanical design and automation, electrical engineering and automation, electronic information engineering, information security, computer science and technology, biological engineering, environmental engineering, communications engineering, architecture, urban planning, pharmaceutical engineering, accounting, business administration, project management, financial management and other professionals. College enrollment in accordance with state policies and regulations, for more than ten provinces and cities nationwide enrollment. Tuition People's Government of Guizhou Province in strict accordance with the standards approved charge. Xiuman students can obtain credits under the national unity issued by the Guizhou University, Middlebury College diploma, degree-granting conditions in line with those of Guizhou University, Guizhou university degree by the Audit Commission, Guizhou University degree may be granted.
    College of the separate teaching organization and management, institutional integrity, faculty adequate, the current students in 6600 people, staff 160 people, including full-time teachers, more than 80 people, hired a relatively fixed Guizhou University, the professional faculty of more than 120 people, including associate professors with more than 140 teachers, representing 66% of the number of full-time teachers over.
College to establish and improve the CPC and the Chinese Communist Youth League of the grass-roots party organizations, staff congress system, the hospital sector is more complete, the existing party and government departments 9, respectively, School of party and government offices, organizations, Personnel Section, teaching and research subjects , Finance, Student Branch, the Youth League, Tsai off campus integrated management of the Office, General Services Section, Security Section; and a library, training department, modern educational technology center and three experimental teaching affiliates.
     School construction and adhere to the style of study subjects combined, adhere to the theory of education and practice, strict management, standardize services. English four years graduates had an average rate of 40.17% level, the average employment rate of 90.19%; some students obtain Suzhou University, Guizhou University Graduate; our hospital has a national scholarship, national motivational scholarships, state grants, school scholarships , individual scholarships, etc.; our hospital by the Communist Youth League League Committee "May Fourth Red Flag Youth League to create units" honorary title, the college campus culture atmosphere, a good learning atmosphere, outstanding student achievement.
    Guizhou University College will give full play to the teachers, equipment and other teaching environment, conditions and other aspects of the comprehensive educational advantages, inherit and carry forward "Matilda perfection, learned Atsuyuki" good school spirit, to implement "people-oriented, individualized," the principle of strict managementefforts for the province and the country's economic construction and social development to train more high-quality application-oriented talents.
    College educational goals are: unremitting efforts, around 2010, the Institute of accomplishing the engineering-based, multidisciplinary and coordinated development of distinctive school, have a certain influence in the country full-time teaching-oriented independent colleges.

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