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Office & Administration

 Functional Departments:

1.          Colleges Office

Leader: Xuan, Dong

Office: the 5th floor in the library

Staff Duties:

1)          In charge of campus construction and policy consultation, organizing the policy-establishment of college administrative management, drafting the integrated document of work report, decision and summary, establishing the long-term and development planning draft of college construction, issuing the administrative regulations, announcements and declarations under the name of the college and the Dean's office;

2)          Responsible for assisting college leaders in implementing, coordinating, overseeing the department works;

3)          Responsible for the handling of the documents of the superior administrative department, the work of reporting or issuing documents in the name of the school or school office, the safety and confidentiality of the important documents and files.

4)          Responsible for the organization of the meeting of the board of directors of the college, the joint meeting of the party and the government, the record of the meeting, the compilation of the bulletin, etc. Besides, staff should arrange and organize and coordinate the comprehensive administrative work and the activities of the whole college.

5)          Responsible for the collection, processing and feedback of the various work information of the college, complete the statistical tasks assigned by the superior departments and the comprehensive statistics of the whole college and the filling of the comprehensive statistical reports, and help guide the statistical work of the various departments of the college.

6)          Responsible for the use of the seal of the college, oversee the seal’s using and carving of each department and the opening of the letter of the college. Also, in charge of designing college image as well as implementing, managing, advertising and overseeing;

7)          Responsible for the reception and internal management of the college.

2.          Human resources department

Leader: Shenshen, Wang

Office: the 5th floor in the library

Staff Duties:

According to the provisions of the party constitution, they are in charge of the establishment of the Party branch at all levels, and help the staff and the students, and the students' join in the party. And is responsible for the evaluation, commendation and recommendation of the advanced Party organizations and outstanding members of the college; assists the Party Committee in appointing and dismissing of the cadres of the college level, and reports to the Organization Department of the school; assists the Party committee of the college to do a good job of the reserve cadres at the level of the college, including the selection and cultivation.

3.          Financial department

Leader: Bing, Yang

Office: the 5th floor in the library

Staff Duties:

Responsible for capital budget, company financing, capital payment process specification, capital safety and other funds management work; responsible for the company financial accounting, tax management work; responsible for the company financial supervision and financial risk control disclosure work; responsible for the company assets management and financial archives management.


4.          Department of teaching and scientific research

Leader: Jialin, He and Xiang, Kuang

Office: the 5th floor in the library

Staff Duties:

Responsible for organizing and ordering the system of various professional teaching plans, organizing various departments to compile syllabus, responsible for the management and inquiry of students' achievements, the examination of students' qualifications and qualifications and the electronic registration of the students' status; responsible for the compilation of the school calendar, the creation of teaching schedule, the implementation of the teaching task, the arrangement of the curriculum schedule, and the adjustment of the curriculum, the arrangement of the classroom; responsible for the management of student registration, student registration (defer, stop, reply, transfer, drop out and extension, trial enrollment, etc.); responsible for the management and issuance of graduation certificate  and so on; responsible for the management and inquiry of students' grades, examination of students' qualification and degree qualification, and electronic registration of students' status; responsible for dealing with the disciplinary violations in the exam.

5.  Student work department

    Person in charge: Suqian.

   Office: 5th floor, library.

   Responsibilities: be responsible for the formulation and revision of the student management system; be responsible for the reception of freshmen, enrollment education, military training and school-leaving affairs, etc.; be responsible for the enrollment of freshmen, the transfer of records and the management of the records in the school; be responsible for dealing with all kinds of disciplinary violations of students, responsible for the evaluation of students' individually and collectively, and making and revising the standards for the evaluation work; be responsible for establishing the management system of student aids and work-study programs, providing medical insurance and claim settlement work for students, and providing the student medical insurance information and medical claims materials to the student affairs office in a timely manner; be responsible for the construction of the college, for the employment recommendation and dispatching of graduates.

6. Ministry of Foreign Cooperation

  Head of the Department Ruifeng Li

  Place:  5th floor in the library

  Duty: 1. The office of Coordinating

  Undertaking of foreign affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Cooperation Affairs; Carry out researches on comprehensive foreign affairs (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs), and put forward rationalization proposals in time; Follow up and supervise the major foreign affairs (involving Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs) determined by the leadership of the foreign affairs institute and the Ministry of foreign cooperation; To assist in drafting important comprehensive manuscripts and foreign cooperation agreements concerning foreign affairs (involving Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs), and to reply to important communications from higher authorities. Audit the documents submitted to the leadership of the college; complete other tasks assigned by the Ministry of foreign affairs. To undertake the matters of external liaison work of the college; to draw up the management regulations of the college to participate in international academic and exchange activities. Coordinate research, academic and exchange activities concerning foreign affairs; undertake other matters assigned by the college and foreign cooperation department.

  2. The office of overseas management

  Undertaking management of the staff going abroad (border) group and personnel, specific matters relating to the visit of leaders. Be responsible for the group or personnel’s passport, visa for going abroad, and Hong Kong and Macao pass and endorsement. Undertaking consular duties such as notarization and certification, and check the activities of overseas groups and personnel on duty abroad. Instructing the provincial departments and units to go abroad for examination and approval.

  3. The office of concierge (translation)

  Formulating the rules for the concierge of foreign affairs in the whole school. Inviting foreign academies and famous scholars to visit and reception issues and concierge translation work (on field translation and translation of important foreign affairs documents). Taking on the reception work of the foreign guests coming to our school.

  4. The office of comprehensive (statute)

  Undertaking comprehensive coordination work and survey the objectives’ performance. Drafting and auditing important comprehensive manuscripts and foreign cooperation agreements concern on foreign affairs (involving Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). Be responsible for the Internet information on the web site of the College. Reviewing the contract text and various legal documents signed by the name of the school or the Ministry of foreign cooperation (Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan Affairs) and issue a legal opinion.

7. The department of the party and the masses

  Head of the Department Yingxie  Shuangran

  Place:  5th floor in the library

  Duty: 1. Guide, implement and supervise the work of branch offices and monthly assessment management according to the daily management contents of Party branches. 2. Party members' education plan, daily training, assessment management, organization of files and calculation and collection for party fees. 3. Transfer of Party members' development and organizational relations. 4.The management work of statistical information and annual reports of Party organizations and Party members. 5. Responsible for the whole process of the preparation and implementation of the publicity and education work plan of the college. 5. Be responsible for the plan and manage the newsletter of the college, and the arrangement and implementation of the political theory of Party members and cadres, as well as center group learning materials, theme education materials preparation and cadre political theory learning, situation education work, and investigation, arrangement and feedback of political work and ideological trend of staff members. 6. To pay trade union funds according to the requirements of the trade unions, set up accounts of using funds, report using of the funds, and attend various meetings of the trade unions on time. 7. Participate in the various activities of the trade union of Guizhou University as required. 8. According to the requirements of "five visits" (hospitalization, weddings and bereavement, difficulties in life, holidays, natural disasters and human calamities), work is carried out. 9. Set up difficult employee’s files and allowance accounts, formulation, plans, measures and targets. 10. Handling related procedures such as difficulties’ subsidies, insurance claims, family planning and trade union transfer. 11. Organize the work of staff education and training, trade union publicity, trade union’s special research, staff amateur group activities of culture, sports and entertainment. 12. Doing a good education in Party discipline in accordance with the <two regulations>. 13. Accepting letters, visits, accusations and appeals from Party members, cadres and workers. 14.  To investigate and deal with cases of violation of discipline in time. 15. Conscientiously implement the "administrative supervision law", combined with the actual situation of college, formulate plans of a clean government education and effectively monitoring.

8. The Defense Department

  Head of the Department Zhijian Wan

  Place:  1st floor in the library

  Duty: 1. Taking charge of the security work of the College. 2. Knowing the rules and regulations in the school. 3. Actively doing a good job of public security prevention. 4. Regularly implementing safety inspection. 5. Putting forward rectification proposals for hidden dangers in time, so as to prevent public security accident. 6. Be responsible for the collective account declaration, household entry, relocation, identity card work.


Education-aid and Services department.

1. Modern education technology center.

Person in charge: Ma Liangyu.

Office:  3 / f, building A.

Responsibilities: timely understand the development of relevant modern education technology, and formulate the development goals of modern education technology center in recent years;  be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the teaching office network.

2. Library

Person in charge: Shu kang.

Office: 1 / f, library.

Responsibilities: cooperate with relevant departments, conduct extensive reading activities of teachers and students, guide teachers and students to read good books, and make the library an important base for treasure-houses of knowledge and constructions of spiritual civilization; manage and coordinate the work of each room, organize good book borrowing, and ensure the normal circulation of books.

3. Training Center

Person in charge: Jiang Linyan.

Office: 3 / f, building A.

Responsibilities: be responsible for the appointment, workload and management system of the laboratory staff; for experimental training materials and funds management system and efforts to promote experimental teaching management standardization, and so on; according to the teaching plans and the actual conditions, the laboratory training teaching places, teaching instruments and equipment should be deployed. Through rational allocation of resources, ensure the reasonable use of teaching equipment, and give full play to the benefits of the equipment; be responsible for the formulation of practical training equipment and consumables procurement plan for the whole college, and to carry out procurement tendering and deliberation with relevant departments; be responsible for the daily management of the research offices and equipment; Check the management and maintenance of daily supplies (instruments, equipment, teaching models, etc.) in the laboratory training rooms; prepare students' experimental training work system, to arrange students' experimental teaching activities in conjunction with the academic affairs department and various departments; assist in checking the completion of experimental teaching work; be responsible for laboratory safety and other related work; finish other work assigned by the leader of the college.

4. Logistics Department

Person in charge: Guo Jinjing.

Office: 5/f, library.

Responsibilities: be responsible for allocating the student apartments (dormitories), adjust the distribution of the programs, the students’ check-in and check-out formalities, cooperate with relevant departments to do a good job in public order of college student apartments (dormitories) , assist related departments to carry out the student affairs managements and disposals, the potential safety hazards, help to carry out the safety accident investigation and be responsible for the management of student apartment furniture, freshmen registration, property inspection and acceptance from the school graduates,  daily maintenance of facilities in student apartments (dormitories).




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