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Office & Administration

1, the hospital party office

Person in charge: Liu Ying Office Tel: 6607080
Office Location: Building (1 teach) 3
Responsibilities: Responsible for the management of college seal and the letter of introduction and use; School of Administration is responsible for writing the information submitted to, and outreach work; responsible for the college annual, monthly data collection, editing

2, the students section

Person in charge: Wu Kun Office Tel: 6608630
Office Location: Building (1 teach) 2
Responsibilities: Responsible for formulation and revision of student management system; responsible for the admission reception, school education, military training, and graduate school, etc.; responsible for the admission student status, file transfer and access management in the school; responsible for all students violations are responsible for students' individual and collective appraised work to develop and modify work standards appraised; responsible for helping the vulnerable and to establish work-study student management system, good medical insurance and claims the students to work in a timely manner to provide students with medical students at the insurance information and medical claims related materials; the college style of study, is responsible for the employment of graduates, temporary work.


3, Academic Section (teaching and research subjects)

Person in charge: Deng Yuzheng Office Tel: 6607298
Office Location: Building (1 teach) 1 floor
Responsibilities: responsible for organizing the teaching plan of the system (revision), the organization each department (the Department) written course syllabus; responsible for the management of student performance and query services, student graduation and degree audit and student status qualifications electronic registration; responsible for the write the school calendar, generate progress of teaching, the implementation of the teaching task, organize curriculum, scheduling classrooms; responsible for student registration, enrollment transaction (off, stop, re-, turn, drop and extended probation, etc.) management; responsible for the diploma, management and degree certificates awarded; responsible for the management of student performance and query services, student graduation and degree audit and student status qualifications electronic registration; responsible for handling all kinds of examinations and discipline.

4, the Communist Youth League School

Person in charge: Tang Ying Office Tel: 6607265
Office Location: Building (1 teach) 2
Responsibilities: School groups work to develop plans, organize and guide the work of each department's Youth League, presided over the name of the Academy Youth League held a variety of activities; group of organizations do a good job, good development of new members; responsible for the second class of students The specific activities; responsible for the Communist Youth League School of publicity, with schools, colleges to carry out cultural and sports, academic competitions and other activities; familiar with and master the thinking of members of youth trends, timely guidance faculties Youth League, and is responsible to the Party School of Communist Youth League and the higher reporting, to guide student work.

5, the organization Personnel

Person in charge: Zhang Yu Office Tel: 6607533
Office Location: Building (1 teach) 3
Responsibilities: According to the Party Constitution, the establishment of colleges at all levels of branch, responsible for faculty and students of the new development of the college party advanced party, an outstanding member of the selection, commendation and recommendation; help make college party hospital appointment and removal of section-level cadres work, school organization reported the Ministry of the record; to help make college division-level party committees to select and train reserve cadres.

6, the Security Section

Responsible person: YANG Jian-fu Office Tel: 6608463
Office Location: Building (1 teach) 1 floor
Responsibilities: Responsible for school security work, familiar with hospital rules and regulations, actively carry out preventive work order, carry out regular safety checks, the risks of unsafe, timely corrective recommendations to prevent the occurrence of disasters, security ; responsible for the College's collective account reporting, home, move out, for identification work.

7, the Finance Section

Person in charge: Dong Wenjing Office Tel: 6608610
Office Location: Building (1 teach) 2
Responsibilities: time required for collection of student tuition fees, students Jiangdai funds, difficulties in
Subsidy payment.

8, General Services

Person in charge: Zhu build your office Tel: 6607045
Office Location: Building (1 teach) 1 floor
Responsibilities: Responsible for all hospital sanitation, greening, water supply, power supply management; responsible for the hospital classroom, some students dormitory management.

9, the library

Leader: Peng Shengyan Office Tel: 6606029
Office Location: 1st Floor, Library
Responsibilities: coordinate with relevant departments, extensive reading activities students and teachers to guide students read books, to make the library a treasure trove of knowledge and an important base for the building of spiritual civilization; manage and coordinate the work of the room, organize borrow books, books and materials to ensure normal circulation.

10, the modern education center

Office Location: Building (1 teach) 7 floor office Tel: 6607722
Responsibilities: to keep abreast of modern educational technology-related development, the development of modern educational technology center in recent years, development objectives; develop teacher training and business training program, college faculty to raise the level.

11, Guizhou University dorm Logistics Group Company

Person in charge: Deng Hongjun Office Tel: 6607283
Office Location: 2nd floor bath Chadian Campus
Responsibilities: Responsible for development of student housing (dormitories) distribution, adjustment program, for students in, check-out, with the college authorities to improve student housing (dormitories) public order, to assist the relevant departments to carry out the management of student affairs, disposal, investigation Apartments (Hostel) security risks, to assist in safety accident investigation, is responsible for the management of student housing furniture, new occupancy, the acceptance of graduates leave school property, student housing (dormitories) in facilities and equipment maintenance.

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