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College Leadership Information

Wu Tianxiang


Personal Information

 Wu Tianxiang, CPC member, is a professor and master supervisor in the School of Brewing and Food Engineering,Guizhou University. As a doctoral student majored in fermentation engineering, he graduated from Jiangnan University. In 2005, he participated in the project “Xi Bu Zhi Guang”, which is offered by the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, as a visiting scholar. In 2006, he joined the Doctoral Service Group for Anti-Poverty held by Guizhou University ,taking temporary posts as a member of the Party group and the deputy director of the Economic and Trade Bureau of Dejiang County, Tongren, Guizhou. Besides, he also took temporary posts as the economic adviser to the People’s Government of Dejiang County and the assistant to the county mayor. Since October 2008, he has successively served as the deputy director of the Science and Technology Department of Guizhou University, and the deputy secretary, vice president and Party secretary in the School of Brewing and Food Engineering of Guizhou University. Meanwhile, he also engaged in the teaching and research work dealing with brewing science and engineering, biotechnology and engineering, application technology of regenerated resources,etc. His academic posts are listed as follows: director of Children’s Food Science of Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology, taster and senior alcohol maker of China Brewing Industry Association, technical expert of National Liquor and Beverage Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Guizhou Provincial Party Committee Decision-making Consultants Think Tank member, distinguished Chinese spirits expert and judge of Guizhou province, judge of Guizhou Provincial Top Ten Spirits, international judge of Spirits Selection by Concours Mondialde Bruxelles 2015, deputy chairman of the Guizhou Provincial Food Industry Association Expert Committee, Chinese spirits expert group member of Guizhou Provincial Food and Spirits Association, chief scientist of Guizhou Jinsha Spirits Group. In addition, he is also the editorial board member and reviewer of some domestic academic journals such as Chinese Journal of Bioprocess Engineering, Journal of Yunnan Agricultural University, Liquor-Making Science & Technology,Chinese Brewing,etc.

Professor Wu has presided two projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and over 15 other projects like Guizhou Science and Technology Key Project, Guizhou Science and Technology Tackling Key Problems Project, Industry-University-Research Cooperation Project and so on. His paper Arrowroot As a Novel Substrate for Ethanol Production by Solid State Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation won the first prize of the forth Guizhou Provincial Excellent Natural Science Paper; His paper Study On the Characteristic Aroma Components of 12 Representative Chinese Spirits of Guizhou Province won the second prize of the Third National Chinese Spirits Industry Technology and Development Excellent Paper; His draft of the local standards mentioned in the Jiang-flavour Chinese Spirits won the third prize of China Standard Innovation Contribution Award offered by the State Administration of Quality Supervision and Standardization Administration of China. Moreover, he has obtained five national invention patents and published over 120 academic papers and his monograph Appreciation of Guizhou Chinese Spirits.



Wu presides over the overall work of Mingde College. He is responsible for the schooling, scientific research, discipline construction, policy development and strategic planning and implementation of the college. Besides, he is in charge of the Academic Committee, Degree Committee and the Department of Bioengineering of Mingde college.



Luo Weidongexecutive vice-president


    Luo Weidong, male, born in December 1962, member of CPC(Communist Party of China), professor, master tutor. He is the executive vice president of Mingde college of Guizhou University now.

His central field of research involves design and manufacture of key parts of automobile, energy conservation and new energy vehicles, design and manufacture of agricultural machinery equipment, etc.

At present, he is a member of the council of Chinese society of agricultural machinery, the first batch of academic disciplines in Guizhou University, and an expert of the first batch of "service decision expert think tank" of Guizhou province. He is considered as the first batch of Guizhou high-level talents by Guizhou provincial department of human resources and social security and a member of Guizhou provincial automobile production enterprise condition assessment expert group. What's more, he is a sci-tech commissioner of Guiyang. In 1984, he graduated from Guizhou Agricultural College, majoring in agricultural mechanization and retained to work there after graduation. During this period, he constantly studied and served temporary positions in China Agricultural University, Chongqing University and Zhejiang University. He has been engaged in vehicle engineering, agricultural machinery engineering discipline teaching, scientific research and social service work.


He has presided and participated in the NSFC(national natural science foundation of China, ministry of science and technology projects and major projects of science and technology in Guizhou, science and technology research etc., totally more than 10 national and provincial scientific research projects. He has published over 50 papers and embodied over 10 times by SCI/EI/ISTP and has obtained seven patents. He was awarded the first prize for scientific and technological progress by Guizhou provincial department of education. He was also awarded the second prize for higher education in Guizhou provincial teaching achievement.

He is mainly responsible for the construction of the college laboratory; the experimental training center, teaching research department, modern education and experimental center, industry-university-research cooperation; contact the Department of Economics and Management, Department of Civil Engineering.


                         Xie Jing

                         Vice president



    Educational Background

1996     A student in Chinese Language and Literature at Nanchang   University

Sept.2001-Jan.2005  An undergraduate in law at Tsinghua University

Feb.2002-Jun.2002  A student in MBA Training Class at Tsinghua SEM

May.2011-Jun.2013 A postgraduate for master’s degree in EMBA at Guizhou University

Work Experience

    In Aug.1999, Xie joined Tellhow Company. She has successively served as business manager, human resources department manger and administrative department manager of Tellhow Company, the deputy general manger of Tellhow Shenzhen Company, deputy general manager of Jiangxi Kangfu Real Estate Company, deputy general manager of Tellhow Guizhou Investment Company and general manager of Guizhou Mingde Campus Service Company.


Xie’s duty is to assist the president of Mingde college. She is responsible for College Office, Human Resources, Finance Department (including the Equipment Assets Department),External Cooperation Department, Library and Logistics Department of Mingde College. Besides, she is in charge of the Department of Electrical Engineering.


               Jin Minghui


Jin Minghui, deputy secretary of the party committee

Brief introduction:

Jin Minghui is currently deputy secretary of Mingde College of Guizhou University. The working experience is as follows;

1978.07, graduated from high school. Substitute teacher as an educated youth in a secondary school.

1980.08-1982.09, admitted to the Chinese Department of Zunyi Teachers College.

Secretary of the League branch.

 1982.09-1984.08, high school teacher in Yachuan Middle School, Fenggang County.

1984.08-1989.08, secretary of the youth league committee in No. 2 Middle School in Fenggang County (now the provincial model high school), senior high school teacher, joined the Communist Party of China in July 1985.

1989.08-1992.07, respectively admitted to the correspondence course of Chinese undergraduate course in Guizhou normal University and undergraduate off-production study in Department of Education Management, Guizhou Institute of Education and obtained a double undergraduate degree.

1992.08-1993.07, director of the Department of political Affairs of Fenggang No. 2 Middle School (now the provincial model high school).

1993.09-1995.03, Secretary of the Party committee and principal of No. 2 Middle School in Fenggang County (now a model high school in the province).

1995.03-2000.12, director of the Fenggang County Education Supervision Office and deputy director of the County Education Bureau.

2001.01-2003.07, principal of Zunyi No. 5 middle school(Provincial Model High School, once having the province's top scorer of science students, the results of the annual college entrance examination ranked first in Zunyi) .

2003.08- 2008.09, principal of the attached Middle School of Guizhou University of Technology.

2008.10- 2011.11, vice principal of the Affiliated Middle School of Guizhou University.

2011.12-2012.12, served temporary position in a senior high school of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province learned from Chen Liqun, principal of Xuezhong middle school.

2012.12-2015.04, deputy secretary of the General Party Branch of the Affiliated Middle School of Guizhou University.( in charge of the overall affairs), also served as vice principal.

2015.06- 2016.07, secretary of the General Party Branch of the Affiliated Middle School of Guizhou University.



Assist the Party Secretary of the Institute. He is mainly responsible for the party building and the management of students, the party building of teaching staff, propaganda work, trade union work, discipline inspection and supervision of colleges and appointed to take charge of student affairs section, party affairs section, security work section, (security and stability office); contact Department of Information Engineering and Teaching and Research Office of Physical Education.



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