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Mechanical Engineering and Automation

The College of Mechanical Engineering and Automation of Guizhou University offers the following undergraduate programs: Mechanic Design and Manufacturing and its Automation, Material Shaping and Control Engineering, Agricultural Machines and its Automation,Industrial Design,and Industrial Engineering.

The College has 170 staff members, of whom 19 are professors, 48 associate professors and 27 lecturers. Now there is an ambulatory post doctorate workstation of manufacturing automation, four master’s programs, a provincial key specialty, a provincial key lab, a key specialty at university level and ten undergraduate programs (orientations). The number of post doctorate students, PhD students and master students adds up to more than 300 and that of undergraduates over 1400.

Since 1958, more than 10000 students have graduated from the college. They have become prominent in all walks of life, played important roles in the economic construction of our country, and enjoyed good reputations in all circles.
While endeavoring to improve the education quality, the College also undertakes some important research projects such as State Brainstorm Projects, “863” State Key Projects (some high-tech programs started in March 1986) and Provincial Brainstorm Projects. The students selected to compete for the college in the “Challenge Cup” Scientific and Technological Competition won prizes in three successive competitions

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